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Thread: iPhone 3G From Denver to NYC and back my experience.

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    Default iPhone 3G From Denver to NYC and back my experience.
    Well I recently went on a road trip from Denver, CO to NYC where I spent about a week and wanted to share my experience. Overall I have to say that I am some what disappointed with the iPhone. While driving across the US I experienced that the iPhone GPS only works half of the time. My thoughts are if this thing has GPS shouldn't it work all of the time, and not just when I have reception. I mean I would be in the heart of NYC and it wouldn't work. Clear skies, nothing around and guess what it wouldn't work. Then I would be in the middle of Nebraska with nothing for miles, and guess what it would work. Also the 3G network is so unreliable everywhere you go. I would be in New Jersey with full 3G network coverage and couldn't ever even load a web page. However, if I shutoff 3G and switched to EDGE I would load a page in no time flat. Overall even after the supposed "FIX" update for 3G I still experience dropped calls all of the place and the phone still hates switching between 3G and EDGE. Well thats about it any questions feel free to ask.

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    I think the reason the gps didn't work in NYC was the deflection and interference caused by the buildings. I've heard about people having problems. And I was just in DC and had the same 3g problems. Full service, no data. I had to switch to edge to get data on my phone.

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    yeah i don't think it's possible to be in the heart of nyc and have "nothing around you" and i agree with the above poster that buildings do affect it, even on a regular gps device

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    Must be something about New Jersey LOL. I was just there over the weekend and my 3G was very sporadic. had super fast internet with no bars and no data with 5 bars.

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    well it's not TRUE satellite based GPS, it uses teh cell towers to triangulate your position, so that's why it wouldnt work when there's no signal.

    I agree with you about the ATT network, though. It's really spotty at best, and 3g is _very_ unreliable.

    the device itself is great, but the network is terrible and needs a lot of work. :/

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