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Thread: iPhone doesn't Vibrate anymore

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    Default iPhone doesn't Vibrate anymore

    Just 3 weeks ago i tried to install an new theme on my iPhone...
    This went all very wrong and i screwed up my whole iPhone it was doing the ''loop'' bug.

    I thought to re-jailbreak and re-unlock the iPhone and start over again.
    But after i recovered the iPhone with 1.1.4 and jailbreaked/unlocked it with iPlus 2.0. The phone wasn't able to vibrate anymore....
    I'm sure i have all settings correct ( Slide is on ''LOUD" & at settings vibration is ENABLED)

    I tried to upgrade to 2.0 and 2.01 with custom firmware versions but also no vibration.
    Right now im running on 2.0.1 with no vibration...

    I hope u guys can help me out because i'm missing every call and message

    Sorry but a little kick here!
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    I have a similar problem. After I upgraded from 1.1.4 to 2.0, mine wills till vibrate, but the vibration is a lot weaker. I can barely feel it in my pocket. Also sometimes it'l just start vibrating randomly during a phone call. Any ideas?

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    I heard something about *.Plist files that are on the iPhone's ''harddrive''.
    That it could be that some of these files are damaged or missing.
    Does someone knows anything about these files? and how i can replace them?

    @ Gerry : Maybe your problem is an hardware issue? Try knocking at the back off the phone... maybe it will get it's strenght back?
    My problem is that i got no 'weak' vibration i got NO vibration

    Hopefully someone can help us..

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    I have a 2G iPhone on 2.2.. my vibration just faded away, could someone please tell me what i Should do?

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