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Thread: Iphone bottom part of touch screen not working

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    Default Software for rearranging icons.

    My iphone the bottom part of the touch screen is not working the part where there are 4 dock icons for phone/mail/safari/ipod.

    i know that its a problem with touch screen. Is there way i can move those 4 icon up with the rest of the icons so i can use them.

    is there a software i can use to move the icons up. Software has to be for windows. I cannot connect to wifi to download any software from cydia. so it has to be a software that i can run on my pc.

    thanks in advance.
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    Ummm.... did you drop the phone or is it a software issue? That happened to my phone once and was caused by the app "dock." If you have it installed then that is probably the issue. But give details of what it exactly does besides the bottom icons not working.
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    im not sure, it happened after upgrading to firmware 2.0 but i think it may be caused by the screen protector i had on it.

    any how, at slick to unlock works if i touch just the top half of it, the part half does not. I am unable to select phone/mail/safari/ipod icon. I just need a way to move them up using a software.

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    I am facing same situation, did you get any solution?

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    Install veency from Cydia to manually control your phone from your computer.

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    Default Jailbroken Ipod touch bottom Quarter of scrren gone WHITE!!!!
    Hey Guys...
    On a similar topic...
    I jailbroke my Ipod Touch using Green Poison @ firmware 4.1 . . .
    All was working fine for a couple of days before... my 1/4th of the bottom screen has turned WHITE...
    the touch in this area is still responsive and working...but the bottom quarter of the screen has gone totally White...
    No physical damage has occur to it what so ever...
    was just playing a game and it went white...
    I tried restoring it in DFU mode...
    restored the ipod with unJailbroken firmware 4.2...
    but nothings working...
    What to do...???
    Please Help guys...!!!

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    You could always use iTunes to move the dock icons.. or like one1 said try using Veency to move your dock icons over VNC from your computer.

    In regards to the white screen if you have done a restore and its still there seems like a hardware fault.. If its a 3G/3GS try unscrewing it, lifting out the screen (be careful!!!) and try re-connecting it.. could be a faulty connection on the PCB?

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    hey, thanx a lot...but-
    Its an Ipod Touch...not an Iphone
    Ya... I did restore and all and i' m NOT confident to open my Touch man...m a finance guy !!!
    You must be write... some hardware issue... but is it solvable???
    I dont mind paying for it...
    And i want that screen functioning as before...!!!!
    i guess some IC issue... it has blown off...!!!

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    Man up and open it up.. its fun!! Follow the guides on iFixit

    Apart from that it may be the digitiser (the glass on the front) should be relatively cheep on eBay or from online shops

    Did the DFU mode work for recognition in iTunes?

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