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Thread: Does anyone know here the proper use of Iphone?

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    Default Does anyone know here the proper use of Iphone?
    Does anyone know here the proper use of Iphone?

    1. Im wondering if it's okay if we expose it to sunlight? or sun raise?(ex. walking in the street)
    2. and in Charging mode. we cannot safely remove the iphone in the Computer if its fully charge, is it safe to remove the usb without doing the safely remove?
    3. Is it okay if we charge it overtime? (ex. if we forgot to remove it?)
    is doing so can cause any damage? or battery damage?

    please post reply for all you know.. ^_^

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    1. Sunlight should be ok but I wouldn't leave sitting in direct sunlight for long periods

    2. You can just unplug long as you aren't in the middle of syncing it or restoring

    3 From what I understand, and I could definitely be wrong about this, after it gets fully charged, charging just stops and you run off of the power source until you unplug it. But with any rechargeable battery, you can only charge it so many times and gets weaker with every charge.
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    pncntigger's got it right on; the only thing I would add is that since it's a lithium-ion battery, you can leave it charged as long as you want, BUT the so-called "power cycling" method (i.e. leaving your phone battery to totally run out in order to calibrate the battery) is a technique left over from the old nickel-cadmium batteries and is actually bad for your iPhone. Short, frequent discharges are best. (hehehe that's what she said...)

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