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Thread: Black IPhone Cover Installation Tips and Images

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    wtf... haha
    its been out way longer.
    if someones stupid enough to no look into it properly then they deserve to have a fake one...
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    I have just completed doing this last night. Whoa - how hard was that! Successful, though....

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    sorry for bump from the dead, but im gonna do this very soon, I recently misshaped the back cover and somehow managed to rip the ribbon, so now ive to order a new cover but and I already ordered the headphone jack thingi from ebay...excited and scared, my little project for winter break!

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    The aluminum on the iPhone is beautiful, I don't know why you would want to replace it... I wish Apple hadn't gone the cheapo route for the iPhone 3G.

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    ^It wasnt so much going the cheapo route as trying to increase the signal from the phone. I do love the metal back of the 2g....but I also love the design of the 3g.

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    Ok so im really interest in this but now everywhere is sold out, knightcreations is, ccn is, and i dont see the stealth one on colorware
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    man i want one of these black backs
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    Quote Originally Posted by heath_rox View Post
    man i want one of these black backs
    They look good

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    is that ur own personal one^ whered u get the casing, for how much, etc...and is it just me or does the apple sign look a lil weird
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    ^Thats my own. The Apple sign is fine...its just the light.

    Thats a 16gigger I bought cheap cause the LCD was busted and the case looked bad.

    So I replaced the screen and decided to swap the rear housing and antenna cover as well.

    Here's the cover: IPHONE-BK-PNL-B iPhone Aluminum Back Panel w/ No internal parts (Black), Apple Mac and iPod Accessories

    Ive seen em cheaper on ebay, but I dont know what the quality is like. This is OEM quality.

    Here's a 3g I rebuilt with a Red case:
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    I'm thinking about changing my 8gb black cover to a white cover 16gb. I got two questions though, will the 16gb white back cover fit onto a 8gb one (for iphone 3G)? Also I checked a few websites out, is there a website that sells a replacement back cover for about 20-25 bucks canadian? The websites I check out were selling for like 50+. Because any more expensive it wouldn't be worth it. Canadian stores would be preferred b/c I don't need to pay too much for shipping and taxes. Thanks
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