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Thread: Caller I.D Solution for PAKISTAN

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    Default Caller I.D Solution for PAKISTAN
    Can someone please give me solution for the caller I.D problem in Pakistan.

    I tried to put the international code, but unfortunately something went wrong and my SMS app started to Crash !

    Some one please help me.


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    Download following files



    ADD following changes


    <string>00 $</string>

    and upload back in again
    Make sure u make backups !!!

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    thanks a lot mate... it worked !!!

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    hey i need some help too. how do i do this? I'm from bangladesh, country code: 88. I need step by step instructions as i dont know how to download files off the iphone

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    First i need some additional information.

    How do u dial a number from your iphone for a local call and on mobile.

    In Pakistan
    Local Number: (042)1234567 -----> 042 is area code

    Mobile Number: (0300) 1234567 ----> 0300 is Mobile Company code

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    My area code is 02, example 02-1234567

    Cellphone numbers are 017, 019, 018, 011, 015. example, 017-1234567, 019-1234567. etc

    When i recieve calls, it displays +8802-1234567(local number), +017-11234567 (cell phone number)
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    Ok. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

    If you are using Windows than download 'WinSCP' from WinSCP :: Download

    If you are using MAC than download "Cyberduck" from Cyberduck | FTP, SFTP, WebDAV & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X.

    Use this to SSH into your iphone from your computer.

    If you do not know how to SSH from WinSCP or Cyberduck, try googling.

    Once you have entered into you in phone.

    Rename the following Files by adding .bak at the end.



    Now replace them with the files in the attachment.

    Thats it !!!!!

    Let me know if it works.

    REMEMBER to rename the ORIGINAL files. Incase something goes wrong you can always go back.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    ok i'll try this after an hour or so, i'll let you know how it works out

    i'm not sure if it worked. Previously after i did the patches, the numbers from my call records showed the names, but now it still shows the number. I havent received a call yet, I'll do some tests with my friends phone in the morning

    i think i have found the problem, and its my fault. The number format for cell phone numbers are + country code- 11 digits. Meaning +017-13030000 and local numbers +8802-8052516. WOuld you mind telling me how you edit these files? I dont want to bother you with this
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    no probs. glad to have helped

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    bump! i still need this. I downloaded a roaming patch by saurik, but it didnt work.

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    I have a problem with caller id for fiji i have played around with those two files PhoneNumberTemplates.plist and UIPhoneFormats.plist. the numer for fiji is something like +679 9999999 for mobiles or +679 333 3333 for landlines i have stored in my contacts in the international format so when someone calls only the number is displayed like 333 3333 or 999 9999 rather than the associated names stored in the contacts. for sms it works fine just for calls Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Caller ID Problem - Pakistan
    How do I solve this problem in Pakistan? I have iphone 2G 2.2.

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    Try using Caller ID fix in Cydia, has pakistan

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    Thank. I did that and it works.

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    Default caller id format fix 3.0 for pakistan
    Im having an issue with the Caller ID & Format Fix for 3.0 application. The issue is that all fixed line numbers in Karachi & Lahore now have a 3′ added before them so we now have 8-digit numbers in these 2 cities. This wont show properly when i get calls from my addressbook numbers which are stored as +92 (21) ###-#### in the old format & when i add a three before it, the format is lost and it still does not show up in caller id.

    The fact is all mobile nos also actually have just 2 area codes because the last digit of the mobile code has been added to the mobile no. This way all mobile nos & big city fixed line numbers are the same: +92 (##) ####-####. This is important because it wont work without affecting the mobile format as well because they both actually have the same no. of digits with the new 8 digit fixed line no. This was not a problem previously. But now is! Caller id 3.0 addresses the previous method but not this 8 digit fixed line format which at the same should also fix the mobile format once & for all.

    How do we solve this problem? Please help

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    Hi Guys,

    Need some editing in the Caller ID for Pakistan for FW3.0.

    The Number of digits have changed as below:


    1) 00 (92) (42) XXX-XXXX

    2) 00 (92) (21) XXX-XXXX


    1) 00 (92) (42) XXXX-XXXX

    2) 00 (92) (21) XXXX-XXXX



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    Default Pakistan - caller id 8 digit numbers issue solved!
    This is the solution to the Caller ID problem related to the new 8 digit numbers in Karachi & Lahore, PAKISTAN. As a bonus, it also correct the display of UAN numbers.

    FOLLOW this link & download the file from Thread # 712 and use SSH to replace the default file in your iPhone. For help on SSH - Google!

    Is UIPhoneFormats.plist gone on firmware 2.1? - Hackint0sh

    Thanks to Frank for all his help & efforts in solving this problem.

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