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Thread: Netatalk question

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    Default Netatalk question
    New to the forums and I wasn't sure where to ask this but this looked like the best place. Does Netatalk work with OS X 10.4 (Tiger I think) or only Leopard? If it does work does anyone have any tips on what to do if my phone isn't showing up in the "Network" section? Thanks!

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    Works with Tiger, but I (and many other people) cannot connect as "root" but only as "mobile" (with the usual "alpine" password.

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    Where does it show up on the computer? I can't even find it after installation.

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    Alright, I got it to show up now (had to manually connect to the server) but I have a few issues. I cannot connect as "root" with the root password I setup. I can connect to "mobile" with my new password but when I try to transfer some rom files over I get a user not allowed to perform this option message. Any suggestions on how I could get root working or enable mobile to be able to write files?

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    I cannot connect either. I suspect since we know "root" is a working and valid name, but is refused by an apple native app that 2.0 still has some tricks up it's sleeve.

    I can connect as root in SSH, but only as mobile using netalk. When you connect as mobile, you are connecting to the mobile folder, not the root folder so you cannot move certain things since you to not have access to them as you are not signed into root. Hence why you can only see the mobile folder and not the root folder.

    We need to know the proper password to sign in as root, apparently we do not have that on 2.0, only through SSH.
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    Yeah I am able to ssh as root but for some reason it isn't working with Netatalk. Could it be a problem with Netatalk? Since it is supposed to use the same account information I really wonder why it isn't accepting it and when I ssh in and change the mobile password it also changes for Netatalk.

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    I couldn't figure out how to login as root with netatalk either, but I did get around this by configuring netatalk to give my user root permission. That should do the trick for you guys as well.

    Just add this to your afpd.conf file:

    -admingroup admin

    Then, make sure your normal user is in the admin group. I was able to read, write, and delete a file that only root had access to, through OSX Finder, so I'm pretty sure it is working.

    BTW, I'm running netatalk on Ubuntu.

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    Default Full Root Access
    Thanks for some of the tips! I have root access working like a charm now via logging in as Mobile. Here's what I did:

    Firstly, setting my admin group to 'admin' didn't work but setting it to 'mobile' seemed to do the trick (place in: /etc/netatalk/afpd.conf):
    -admingroup mobile
    Now we need to create a symbolic link to the root (/) directory (I had no luck trying to get netatalk to show the root directory using '' or '/'). I created mine at the root level as I wanted it to appear as a separate volume to the home directory. Type these commands:
    cd /
    ln -s / root-filesystem
    This creates a file called 'root-filesystem' which in effect points to '/'.

    Next create a file called 'AppleVolumes' in '/var/mobile/' containing:
    This file sets up the volumes that will be shown when you connect to the phone over afp. The first one is mobile's home directory, the next gives quick access to the main Applications, and the final one provides full access to the root directory using the symbolic link we created before.

    Finally set the permissions of the file to mobile just in case...
    chown mobile AppleVolumes
    All going well when you restart netatalk (I recommend installing a toggle switch for it in BossPrefs) and connect to it using 'u:mobile p:alpine' you should see 3 volumes and have root privileges.

    Oh and I am running 2.1 firmware...
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