Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. The bottom line is, the phone will sync only data (contacts, calendar, photos) but quits when I attempt to sync music and video. Here's the complete story:

The phone was activated using a friend's computer (iMac). Then jailbroken using When I took it home, issues persisted with syncing only music and video to my Powerbook. Attempts to update the firmware to 1.1.3 using the Powerbook were unsuccessful (ended up with a phone stuck in recovery). I was finally able to update the firmware using a PC laptop and did a full restore. The phone will sync everything on the PC and will sync everything but the music/video on the Powerbook.

The phone is a second phone (wife's), and my phone which I have been using since June has worked fine syncing to the Powerbook. I have updated all the software on the Powerbook. I also tried booting from an external and syncing to a brand new iTunes library on the Powerbook. I think that rules out problems with the Powerbook, but I am not sure what else to try.

I am wondering if it has something to do with the fact that the phone was activated on a mac with a different account and thus may be stuck to their account and thus preventing me from syncing any digitally protected info (music/video/upgrades have DRM but data would not?). I am really at a loss here to fix this problem. A big thanks to anyone who might be able to help.