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Thread: need help with my phone not responding!

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    Default need help with my phone not responding!
    alright, so when i got it i was pretty sure nothing could go wrong.. until everything did go about a week before the first update came out, i decided to go through the hassle and i added a couple ring tones to it through iphoneinterface/jailbreak. then as soon as the update came out i tried installing it and it told me there was a problem and i needed to restore it to factory settings... great, there goes all my shit. so after the update i decided not to mess with any of the settings or add any apps that would later fuck me over like it did after the first update. then the other night i saw there was another iphone update, i go to try and install it and once again... restored to factory settings. i was extremely pissed that this happened again, even after i never "hacked" it after it got messed up the first time. so after all of that i thought i would be fine (until another useless update makes me restore it yet again most likely..). but last night i went to add the new atreyu album and as soon as it was done syncing, my phone disappeared from itunes and i got this message:

    so i think to myself "NO you iphone you apple piece of PORFANITY" among other things, and follow the instructions that the error says. and once i am in the iPhone preferences, i see this:

    after that i had no clue what to do. i restarted the phone, reinstalled itunes, and now i'm at a loss. does anyone have any idea of what to do from here? because of all of that, i now have no music on it so i have to deal with streaming music that plays for 20 seconds then has to stop to load more, throughout every song. someone please help, this shit's annoying. sorry that it's long and may not make much sense but any input is very much appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    what happened just before it stopped working? did you jailbreak it or use ifuntastic or other app to add ringtones or anything? if so, try putting it back in jail (connect with iphoneinterface and put services.plist back into /system/library/lockdown folder).

    you can always hold down power and home button to have the phone request a restore...
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    well i haven't used that since the first update and i didnt want to go through it all again. and what do you mean restoring with home+power? that just powers off.

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