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Thread: A Theory i'd like confirmed...

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    Default A Theory i'd like confirmed...
    There have been reports of people who have sent Jailbroken phones into apple to have them repaired only to have them returned with a voided warranty for "fingerprints".

    Most of these people said they did factory restores, and that the phones were no longer jailbroken. After a few problems with my iPhone, I wondered if anybody thought this might be what Apple found.

    A week or so ago, my phone crashed on 1.1.3, and I had to end up restoring, downgrading etc. All my music, 3rd party apps, contacts, etc were whiped out until I restored/resynced my phone.

    After a few days, I reinstalled Blackjack which i had on my phone before the problem. I realized something. It said that I had 2700 dollars to gamble. Anyone familiar with the program knows you only start with 200.

    Now then, I find it interesting that even though everything else on my phone was lost through all the restoring/downgrading/upgrading... The phone remembered how much money I had in a 3rd party game.

    Is it possible some 3rd party apps like iBlackjack are leaving traces of themselves that restores just aren't cleaning up?

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    Well, if you did, in fact, do a restore and your blackjack did show up with more money than what is standard (and it was the amount you had left before the restore), I would say that most certainly there are some files that are left still intact on the phone after a restore, possibley those files which have nothing to do with the OS in that they shouldn't be altered (had we not altered them with third party software that apple does not approve of).

    I strongly recommend taking the phone into apple store rather than sending it in. They are really limited with what they can do at the store versus at HQ or repair shop or whatever it is they call the place the phones get sent.

    All this being said, would be nice if someone could make some sort of "cleaner" software to erase all these "bad guys"

    And actually, come to think of it I just read that you RESYNCED your phone. This in and of itself could be the reason you are still seeing those files. Only way to tell now is to do another restore and then install the blackjack software before resyncing. Go ahead and do it and let us know what happens. For the name of science!
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    I'm fairly sure that I did the blackjack install before I resynced my phone with contacts etc. My question is this though...

    If Apples restores don't take note of files to clean up when a restore happens (because it's not part of the OS), then why would it make a note to back them up during a sync?

    I think this is something that needs to be further looked at. My phone is in good working condition, so I don't actually need to send it in, I was just proposing a theory from other posts I have seen.

    I agree that if the restores miss something, we need a cleaning program.

    Bump. Still wanting people's opinions.
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    When iTunes backs up an iPhone, it backs up your settings, which (if it isn't hacked) should only be settings for official applications. This most likely includes folders like /var/mobile/Preferences/ , where (after installing third-party programs) settings for unofficial programs are also stored.

    iTunes probably just backs up the whole folder, explaining why iBlackjack remembers how much money you had at the time of the backup.

    If you ever consider sending your hacked iPhone to Apple, it's probably in your best interests to delete things in the Preferences folder that have part an unofficial application's name in the file name.

    *There are probably other folders that have data from third-party apps in them, in addition to /var/root/Media.

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