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Thread: Is 2.0 worth it ?

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    Default Is 2.0 worth it ?
    1m running jailbroken unlocked 1.1.4 everything works perfect,Just wondering what new apps or or anything worth the time of upgrading

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    A while back I actually asks the opposite question. Apparently 1.1.4 is more stable than any of the newer firmware; however, the newer firmware have more features. It's a trade off. Stability or features. Worst come to worst, if you dont like the upgrade, you can always downgrade!

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    I was thinking the same thing myself. Upgrade or not. if I do upgrade, whats the safest way, and how would i downgrade assuming I'm not impressed


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    pwnage tool or winpwn are the safest and only ways to jailbreak, activate and unlock your iphone to 2.X firmwares

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    what about the possibly needed downgrade process?

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    There's plenty of threads on upgrading...and about as many for can be done.

    FWIW, I'm one that hates jumping on the latest software just cause everyone does it or new software comes out. I went from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 to 2.0.1, if that's any indication. Just jailbroken, not unlocked. I really didn't want to go to 2.0.1, but the App store really intrigued me (the business apps mostly, my iPhone is a business phone - self employed).

    I've not regretted the upgrade at all. No major issues/crashes (slight delay on opening some apps, but not unbearable at all). To me, 2.0.1 is stable, not had to do a restore since upgrading. All of the 3rd party apps I want are there (winterboard, bossprefs, cydia, cycorder, intelliscreen).

    I'll probably not do an upgrade again until something really compels me to. About the only thing that may do copy and paste.

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    I jumped the gun and upgraded a while back, it was ok, but I switched back became there where lacking amounts of cydia/installer apps, even if there where app store apps. Things are getting better now that installer is upgraded for 2.0 and we are on firmware 2.0.2, witch is much stabler and faster. As time goes on there will be More ported apps, and hacked app store apps (through ssh, ty's iPhone help on youtube can help you with that. If you upgrade, expect new appstore apps, less installer/cydia apps and a few new features. The downgrade was frustrating for me so make a solid decision. And dont go for a new firmware unless it's what you think would be convenient, viva la jailbreak!

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