Hello everyone, I recently dropped my phone and cracked the screen. After much research I decided to fix it myself. I bought the 150.00 dollar screen replacement and went to work. While taking the phone apart I broke the top little wifi antenna round clip completely off. This gave me no wifi when I put the phone back together. My question is if I unhook the bluetooth (not sure which one that is) cable and cut off the end then sadder that clip onto the bare wifi wire would that feasibly work? I never use my bluetooth anyway. Any kind of information or help would be greatly appreciated.

I've also noticed that my battery is crap since doing my little project Im lucky if I get 1 hour of real usage out of it, and it crashed out of any apps Im on if the battery is below 50%. Im so frustrated with this. Is there anyway I could have caused my battery to go bad? I really am puzzled. Thanks guys.