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Thread: Please HELP, iphone apps won't sync

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    Exclamation Please HELP, iphone apps won't sync
    ok here's my problem. my 2.0.2 (jailbroken) 3G iphone is trippin out; i wont elaborate too much but its just plain bezerk. so i want to restore it. i have A LOT of apps on it and a couple more on itunes. the thing is, i don't want to lose my apps and have to download all 7 pages all over again (i know they're free, but its still a hassle). i dont want to restore it from a backup because a) it takes forever, b) as i said my phone is trippin, and c) its jailbroken (quickpwn w/ gui -- not sure which version) and ive had problem before when restoring from a backup of a jailbreak (crashing among others..). so i go in itunes(vista, 7.7--> then tried 7.7.1 also) and i click file--> transfer purchases from iphone. in the main status(?) bar up top it says "transferring applications from matt's iphone 3g : (ex.) enigmo..." but the problem is the little progress bar stays at like 1/8 in from the beginning and never moves while it goes through the list of all my apps. after its done i go check in the applications part of itunes and i still only have the 5 apps i downloaded from itunes on my computer (all the rest were from the mobile version of the app store, which by the way i always get errors saying "the app could not be installed, it will be available for download when you log onto itunes on your computer"[view pic] even though im on a great wifi --> any ideas wtf that is? ) its really bugging me and i already searched around and i havent had any luck fixing it. ive tried the deauthorizing->re-authorizing my computer thing. ive tried rebooting my phone (which btw reboots itself at least 4-5 per hour and every single time my brother calls, and only my brother for some reason [refer to point "b)" lol] {sorry for the quadruple post}. NOTHING HAS WORKED AND ITS REALLY ANNOYING. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?? PLEASE! this phone is unusable and i really dont wanna download all my apps again. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!! Thanks soo much and sorry if its hard to understand. its like 4 in the morning and im really frustrated here. please help. thanks!

    edit: so my main question is (just in case): HOW DO I GET MY APPS ONTO MY ITUNES IN VISTA??
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    Last edited by mad102190; 2008-08-26 at 12:52 PM. Reason: edit: so my main question is (just in case): HOW DO I GET MY APPS ONTO MY ITUNES IN VISTA??

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    Dont know bout windows, try clicking on one off, or a few of the apps in iTunes in your app folder, right click what ever see fi it brings up some kind of message.

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    Sorry. But I don't quite get what u said? Can u clarify?

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