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Thread: iPhone Disabled: Unlockable?

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    Default iPhone Disabled: Unlockable?
    Hey guys, Im a little new to this and I could use some help.

    I understand how to unlock an iPhone, and have all the necessary files (I believe) but I've got one problem.

    My iPhone is Disabled. As in it was locked by number code and I could not guess the correct code.

    I bought this phone from a kid at a festival/camping concert so he could buy more merchandise/food. At the time it was dead and he insisted it needed to be charged and that was it, so I bought it and charged it on my iPod car charger. When I turned it on the code screen came up. I tried guessing it a couple times and couldn't, so I went to look for the kid. Could'nt find him, and searching for him on the bands message boards hasnt yielded any results, and I've since tried and failed so many times the phone has disabled itself.

    Trying to put the phone into restore mod by holding the power and menu buttons doesnt work. Ive seen nothing on the net about how to over come this.

    Can anybody help me? Do you know how to reset the phone, or a way to look up the phones original owner?

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    You can call AT&T, give them the serial # on the back, they can look it up.

    Yea, it sounds stolen to me.

    However, DFU mode will work. Thats all Im gonna say.

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    I dont know if the kid I got the phone from stole it. Id guess not because if he stole it, and it was locked, I think he wouldve tried himself to unlock it and disabled it. Being that it wasnt disabled when I got it, just makes me think it wasnt stolen. But who knows. I hope it wasnt though.

    Thanks for your help guys, but I wasnt successful in getting it into DFU mode. I followed the instructions in the Mod's signature and neither worked.

    I forgot to mention I found a topic of someone having the smae problem here on the site, and there were instructions saying to emergency call *#306# and answer the call from 1 or 0, then put it on hold, then declinethe 2nd call. that is supposed to bring you to the contacts but it just keeps bringing me to the "iphone disabled please connect to itunes" screen

    anyone know if I did something wrong or have any other suggestions?

    thank you

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