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Thread: 32 gig iphone is it possible

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    Default 32 gig iphone is it possible
    hey all, i was wondering if its possible to take the 32gig flash drive out of an itouch and put it into and iphone 3g, i could make a custom back for it if space is the only issue but i was wondering if anyone has tried this before. I know alot of you out thre have several phones laying around for testing etc so perhaps someone could try it out. I called apple and asked them if the space available was limited by software or by the hardware itself but they had no answer. I do know that apple is "rumored" to be realseing a larger iphone around christmas or early next year as they do not want to "shaft" the 16 gig owners just yet. But anyways if anyone out there is willing to give it a shot please post your results i theroise that the space available as shown in the settings, general, about is limited by software BUT you never know i meen apple has been so concerned with people buying crap off the app store and keeping the thing locked down they may have never even considered somone slapping a larger flash drive on it. It could negatively affect battery life also just kind of a side note but i say we`ll burn that bridge when and IF we get there

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    I would not **** with my iPhone like that man. Perhaps it could fit, but I just imagine so many unwanted problems getting it work correctly. Memory also might be soldered in. I have no idea. But I'd be careful if I were you.

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    Theres going to be software malfunctions. I believe the 8gb - 16gb -32gb info is coded into the firmware/harware I dont think it would recognize the addition. Plus there must be an apparent reason there is no 32gb iPhone. I would think it has to do with the CPU running the "phone" and the memory is just enough. Where if it was 32gb it would need a faster CPU to handle more files plus the phone.

    just my opinion, prob way off though lol

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    no if anything its a simple code fix. but yeah duh its solderd in have you never taken an iphone apart man...LOL your funny but ways after further reasearch and some deeper thought into the matter. i think someone needs to just try it worst case sceniario the phone doesnt recognize the extra space and in the settings,general,about it still reads 8-16gigs rather than the full 32 i know this because both the iphone and itouch have the same software and remember there was a 16gig itouch AND THEN magic a 16gig iphone apple IS making a 32 gig iphone but not for a long as time. they will wait till sales drop on 8 gig or a market ABSOLUTELY demands it in order to maxmise profits also thhey dont want to max out toshiba by provideing two 32gig flash drive devices they just would not be able to handle that kind of output. but i think it could work i want to try it myself but i dont have the tools or know how to do it so anyone out there with some REAL knowledge let me kow not to bash on these kids as the one had a real opinion on the matter but please only responde if you have some idea on how to do the procedure

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    no i havent taken an iphone apart

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    As someone who's been obsessed with adding more memory to my iPhone, I've been dreaming of this since last July. Unfortunately, I haven't seen one how-to/article/post/thread or even an "I tried this and look how f'd up my iPhone is" essay about a memory upgrade.

    Since people have been creating hardware mods for the iPhone since day one, I'm guessing there's simply no way to pull it off and no one's bothering to try.

    Observational data only, but I'm pretty sure my obsession would have seen something.

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    just buy 2 16gb

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    two 16 gigs is genius because one could make the phone read off both the drives....but that would tax the cpu more than just one 32gig....but its definately possible i have a spare phone for someone to use but it sank (it fluttered beautifuly to the bottom of the pool because of its flat shape) so perhaps only the screen is broken but im pretty sure the battery and lots of other things required for iphone life are also fried but anyways definatley im guna post this again under the title 32gig iphone its real so more people check it out

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    Its much more complicated than that unfortunately. Thats why we havent seen it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent revolt View Post
    definatley im guna post this again under the title 32gig iphone its real so more people check it out

    Come on...there's enough clutter already without doubling up. At least that post is being completely ignored by the community.
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    argh foiled by the moderators...welp what ever ALSO good news its possible my moms husband (a program engineer for cysco) has a buddy who did it, it works but he said it was hard as fack and took the help of his buddies on the apple core (technical term for those inside apple...catchy ey) also apple IS making a larger phone he couldnt say when it was guna be out because they dont know when they are letting it out but he did mention some lag time with the 32 gig drive and a battery issue wich he "solved" by adding a larger battery but after what allen said about dudes looks like duct tape with a screen but this dude is ALL about function to hell with looks also he added it took the guy 1 year to complete

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    Apple can make a 32gb iphone right now, but they dont want to. It is all marketing. If they make the 32gb available right away, then you will just buy the 32gb. Thats why they only make the 16gb, so they can sell a whole load of 16gb, then after that few months or a year, they will release the 32gb, and again, those same people who have the 16gb, will upgrade to the 32gb. That means some people will buy 2. And that is how technology and marketing work together!

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    im not being funny or anything, you dont need any apple insiders and your hardly a genius for working out apple is going to release a 32 gb iphone.

    the 8gb is only available in 1 colour, it is clear it was only released for the first few months for early adopters etc. exactly the same as the 4gb last year.

    soon we will have a 16/32 gb combo available in all colours, and anyone with the 8gb who is pissed will have to upgrade ... for X

    apple wins. again. welcome to strategic marketing.

    as for the memory upgrade .... if 8/16 isnt enough to you, surely 32 isnt either?

    i can happily limit myself to 8/16 gb, but in an ideal world, about 120gb would be worth the effort.

    i do remember when i used to mod ipods that the harddrive could be upgraded and the software would recognise the upgraded memory correctly and display it correctly in the about page.

    waste of time though in my eyes.
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