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Thread: Computer shuts down because of photos :(SOS) Please Help!

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    Default Computer shuts down because of photos :(SOS) Please Help!
    I really need help, my computer shuts down right everytime I plug my iphone in with a photograph taken. Is there a way to solve this? I know to bypass this I need to send the pictures as an email attachment but sometimes wifi is not available. PLEASE HELP!

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    PC or mac? OS?
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    Don't plug in your iPhone with a picture taken : P

    Does it shut down immediately or does iTunes start then it gets shut down?

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    it just shuts down right away! it loads the stuff but before opening anything shuts right down as if the power has been plug out. Then, it restarts automatically and shuts down(restart) again until i take out my usb of my iphone. :?

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    Did you try putting it into a different usb port?

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    yup swapped around and checked just now..shuts down again!! this is says loading digital camera at the bottom but then it shuts down right after the message pops up..any clue???

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    switch to a mac...just kidding:-) do u have a digital camera you could try and plug in? I don't use my iPhone on my windoze box so I don't know what app loads to grab your pix. Figure out which app is loaded and try and reinstall it.
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    More then likely the app loading is explorer. Sounds like you may have either a hardware issue with USB, or an explorer issue. As for a solution, give as much info as possible. Are you seeing a bsod? Any error at all? What does event viewer say? Make sure you have your pc set to create a minidump file when it crashes, so if all else fails you have something to go off of.
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    Default Hi guys
    Hi everyone,

    I have the same problem here, when I try to connect my IPHONE 3GS in my computer the IPHONE shut it down straight away....someone can help me???....please!!!!....


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