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Thread: VoiceDial a scam

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    Default VoiceDial a scam
    im jus making this known so other people do not run into this problem well here goes...i recently purchased voicedial like an idiot 29.95 i got my key , used my key then the 1.1.3 jailbreak came out and i was jumping back in forth from 1.1.2 cuz of bugs with installer on 1.1.3 so to make a long story short i used the activation code 5 times then it stopped working so i sent several letters to these idiots and this is what they respond with

    Dear Customer,

    Your key seems to be blocked. This happens when you violate our piracy policy, the key has been used too many times. I can not give you a new key.

    best regards,

    Roel | Makayama

    i sent a letter explaining what and why i used the key more then once and they never replied back yet but i still think this is bogus and at anytime they can shut off ur key from working n e ways i was wondering if there was anyone out there that can make a simuliar program to VoiceDial but free and better ? thanks for reading

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    Well, by definition it's not a scam. Unfortunately they have no way to tell if you have used the key yourself or given it away. I agree that they are in the wrong here, but I also think it's wrong to call it a scam. There will probably be another official voice dialer application coming out soon with the sdk.
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    well its just the whole fact that i couldnt use the key that i paid for as many times as i want so im jus upset so i called it a scam and how they could call it piracy like basically accusing me of something and that pist me off even more so n e way thanx for leaving ur 2 thoughts i really hope sdk has a voicedial i cross my fingers
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    Default letter
    letter sent,,,,

    i was thinking of buying your product until i read this post

    you guys should know especially when upgrades comeout that iphone sometimes has to be re built many times before getting rite.

    if i cant have more than 5 trys before de activates then your product is worthless to me.

    if this guy gave your key away it would had been used more then 5 times the policy stinks.

    i wouldnt purchase your product under those terms of use.

    i would want 5 keys mimimal everytime i had to rebuild my phone. have built it at leaset 20 times now your guys stuff wouldnt make past 1 upgrade.

    not cool how you treated your customer in above post terms of agreement or not.

    want consider your product till i see that customer satisfied and new terms of use that allows rebuilding when bricked by upgrades.
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    thanks every little bit helps maybe it will knock sence into them if enough people turn against their product cause of their own incompentance

    i basically screwed out of my money and life moves on ................
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