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Thread: QuickPwn = No Unlocking later ?

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    Default QuickPwn = No Unlocking later ?
    hi guys

    i was wondering if i quickpwn my phone would i be able to unlock my phone later... when they figure how to do it?

    cuz i was thinking, even if i quickpwn ... if restore my phone it will be like i never jailbroken right ? so how does it interfere with the unlocking?


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    Its not quickpwn that interferes, Dont upgrade past 2.0.1 however if you want to unlock later.

    Firmwares past 2.0.1 decrease the chance of having an unlock method later.

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    tomorrow is the realase of winpwn 2.5 (Sunday; also remember them saying they love sundays; winpwn website says will realase it at by the end of the week, it's Saturday now and no update so Sunday is the end)

    Anyway so update to 2.0.2 because it will and is unlocked and jailbrken if u want to use quickpwn just install boot neuter and unlock with that.


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    i have a 2 questions too :

    1- is winpwn better than quickpwn?

    2- and if i jailbreak does it erase everything.. music photos videos apps.... and things
    so i need to restore with my backup after?

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    If you use quickpwn you WONT loose anything.

    However, if you use Pwnage (Winpwn) you WILL loose everything cause you will have to do a restore. Then you would have to re-sync.

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    so quickpwn is the way to go ??

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    ^^Quick and simple, did my first-gen for fun in less than 5 minutes.

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    Is there alot of bugs with 2.X firmwares? I'm still running 1.1.4 because a mod. at planet-iphones said "if you want things to run smoothly and without bugs, stay on 1.1.4" Has 2.0.2 fixed everything, or is there still bugs?
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    I love winpwn because of the features, easy to use, cool logos, add apps from it (payloads) And unlock and activate with YouTube fix
    I also love partion resizer Because u can install many more apps and things

    Also Winpwn will include Quickpwn for 2.0.X

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    more features??? and apps (payloads)??? and active youtube fix??

    i dont understand this one..

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    Reply: idk for others because my iPhone 2.0.2 first generation is super fast and I have 4 pages of AppStore apps, 482 songs, 1127 photos and the other stuff and it's smothh and fast!!
    EDGE is also fast!!
    Do try it and if u don't like it go back, it can't hurt to try

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    hey minny....

    I have only ever used iliberty+ in the past.... if I use quickpwn, can I use 2.0.2 firmware? Someone said in another post that you had to use 2.0.1 with it? That make any sense?

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    i dont understand what u said earlier about the youtube fix and apps payload...

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    I meant that with Winpwn it has many feature like:
    Cool user interface
    Install Cydia, Installer
    Activate Youtube
    Unlock, activate and neuter
    Add custom payloads
    Resize the root size for more apps and tweaks and themes (partion resizer)
    And quick is included so u can't to wrong- it's all about ur opion if u don't like winpwn use quickpwn

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    what is a custom payload?
    and why does youtube need to be activated?

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    Can someone give me the glaring difference between QUICKPWN and WINPWN? What reason is there for both?

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    I really do not know ur answer mike but I thnk u should restore then use quick to unlock and jailbrake

    Also to clear stuff up
    By using custom payloads u can add potted 2.0.X apps without installing them threw cydia but they are installed inside the custom ipsw and is installed in the restore

    Custom payloads are in a .tar format justlike when u click inatall installer and Cydia in winpwn it says "adding cydia.tar/installer.tar"

    Hope this claers up some problems

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    A custom payload would be an additional task while jailbreaking (like relocating fonts and ringtones or additional apps). YouTube gets activated by iTunes with a legit account so if you don't "hacktivate" it then it will pop up with a "cannot activate youtube" message when you try and open it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikenoecker View Post
    Can someone give me the glaring difference between QUICKPWN and WINPWN? What reason is there for both?
    Winpwn builds an entire custom firmware which you use iTunes and restore to it. Quickpwn uses a RAM disk and installs installer and cydia without having to restore. The catch here is that you have to be on wifi... download bootneuter and unlock the phone. Quickpwn only jailbreaks and activates I believe.

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    winpwn: create a custom ipsw file that within it has the unlock and jailbrake inside it and u restore with iTunes to jailbrake the phone
    With winpwn u can unlock, activate, install installer and Cydia, activate YouTube, add Payloads (see my other post) resize the root partion size for more room for apps and themes and stuff with custom images that are easy to choose from the u restore your phone with the custom ipsw

    An easy way to just jailbrake and install boot images, cydia, and ibstaller, no parkin resizer, no unlock, no activate just a 5 min unlock with u following guides to hold home button

    Personally I like winpwn

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