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Thread: QuickPwn = No Unlocking later ?

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    thanks poseidon...

    so the follow-up question is this:

    I am unlocked and jailbroke on 1.1.4.... if I use quickpwn, does it take away my unlock?

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    well updating to 2.0.x will no matter what re-lock it and lose all apps and jailbrake so install To a fresh 2.0.x and then just use quick own to jailbrake, install bootneuter and then unlock there it will be fine and I'll have 2.0.x unlcoks and jailbroken

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    Unless you are planning to upgrade your firmware (which DOES lock your phone) there is no reason to use quickpwn (or any other jailbreaking software) because you're phone is good to go in it's current state.

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    I have 5 pages of App Store apps and there all very fun.
    I paid $200+ for all those apps so I'm staying with 2.0.2

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    So (for either/both minny and poseidon), so I do a normal upgrade to 2.0.2 in itunes and then use quickpwn, or is there an upgrade feature in quickpwn to do it all at once?

    .....and you talk about the root partition that makes room for more apps..... is that something I should do? I hear the new winpwn is coming out tomorrow....will there be a GUI in it, and should I just wait?
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    Nope u gotta update then quickpwn it and u'll be good

    Winpwn 2.5 will include quickpwn and will be realased Sunday (today for me- also Sunday)

    So stay tuned

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    Use winpwn to build a custom 2.0.2 firmware that integrates the unlock with bootneuter so it's all done at once.

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    root partion is my favorite part because it like u said make more room for many more theme and apps and stuff
    But by doing this u can't use parkin resizer with quickpwn because it makes the room and make more room from a ipsw so if u want to use partion resizer u need to make a ipsw and restore with it

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    Angry Unlocking iPhone with QuickPwn on Mac ???

    I have an iPhone 2.1 and i'm trying to unlock it with QuickPwn on my Mac without any success, till i came across this link:
    Different options Quickpwn 1.1 (Mac) vs. Quickpwn 2.1 (Windows) - Hackint0sh

    And came to know that it dosent get unlocked until a more further complicated process is followed, which involves me to Install "Bootneuter".
    So any way i'm reading these instructions:

    2. Then make sure your iPhone is connected to power (ac)
    3. Start Cydia on the iPhone, if it needs to update stuff, do it. Install Bootneuter then via Cydia.
    4. Start Bootneuter

    And my Queries are:

    step 2. - does it mean connect to outside power, as in direct plugging?
    step 3. - 'Start Cydia on the phone and install Bootnuter via Cydia' - does it mean i need to have direct internet access on my iPhone? Like a wireless internet connection or a mobile chip with the internet facilities activated?

    Cos i dont have wireless internet or any internet activated mobile chip!!!

    Please Help!! Its making me go bonkers! I'v been at it since yesterday!!!

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    Im on 2.1 FM on my 3g jailbroken using QuickPWN for mac. Are you trying to jailbreak or unlock? The jailbreak is very simple even on 2.1FM. I was many apps, themes, and other cool stuff available for jailbroken phones. I would love to be able to help ya...

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    I already Jailbroke it i just cant Unlock it. It needs bootloads for that and the tutorials that i follow give me links from where i can download them but every time i do download them QuickPwn / PwnageTool just refuses to accept them...

    I just dont know what to do...

    These are the links to the tutorials:
    iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your 2.x.x 2G iPhone (Mac) [Updated]
    Pwnage Guide: PwnageTool/QuickPwn/WinPwn: Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone/3G - Mac Forums

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