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Thread: How to reset phone to re-install of firmware again?

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    Cool How to reset phone to re-install of firmware again?
    Hi All.
    Been having problems with the new upgrade of 2.02. I believe maybe it's picked up a few bugs somewhere during installation. I'm wondering what the procedure would be to fresh install the firmwares again please?
    I had a 1.2 otb, then jailbroke to 1.3, then ziphone to 1.4, the winpwn to 2.0 then upgraded to 2.02 in itunes, then jailbroke with quickpwn. Now I'm having problems unable to change wallpaper and only have the default mesage alert dispite whatever one I chose it only plays the default one.
    So think maybe a clean swoop from 1.2 to 2.02 would be better if thats possible!!? What do you think I should do to resolve this please? Thanks in advance

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    when i did the update to 2.0.2 in iTunes and ran quickpwn it was working then i SSH'd and saw i had duplicate applications folders, theme folders, ect. So i used iTunes to restore my 3G to 2.0.2 and ran quickpwn again.

    I don't know about unlocking, or the situation with unlocking an original iPhone because both iPhones i have are on AT&T so i cant help there. but if that isn't an issue for you just restore in iTunes and run it again

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    you through everything at it. restore with quick pwn again. their are a lot of bugs with 2.0.1 something we have too live with.

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    Hi. When you say restore with quick pwn, do you mean just reintall with custom 2.0.1 that gets made, then run through itunes then quick pwn to 2.0.2? I just want to be clear, because I've never restored before and don't want to help up making things any worse :/

    As for bugs, I guess they will be ironed out. Just seems like I'm the only one with this default message alert. Really annoying. I have the option to choose a different one, but it doesn't change! Can't use any backgrounds, its just black! Oh, and with the new update, as this stopped sms messages being shown on lock screen as it has before? To be honest that would be a good thing, but wanted to check this is meant to be that way? Thanks for replies so far, you guys/girls are great

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