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Thread: iPhone and iPhone crash reports... Can Apple tell?

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    Default iPhone and iPhone crash reports... Can Apple tell?
    After recently jailbreaking my iPhone 3G, I remembered last night that when I first activated my phone in iTunes Apple asked if they could retreive diagnostic information that was on my iPhone. I clicked yes. I now know that what Apple is receiving from my phone are all of the crash reports and panics from the phone.

    My question is this: After jailbreaking the phone, the jailbroken apps also create crash reports. If these reports are sent to Apple, can Apple somehow tell that MY phone has been tampered with and somehow "flag" me as an iPhone owner who at one point jailbroke his phone? Can Apple associate these crash reports specifically to my phone, thus voiding my warranty?

    I have since reset warning and stopped sending those crash reports to Apple. I also checked my warranty status online and it's all OK. I am only curious because if I do need to take the phone to the Genius Bar and even though I perform a Restore on the phone to get it back to Apple's non-jailbroken OS, can they still know i messed with it through these crash reports?


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    They can't tell from a crash report if your phone has been jailbroken. At the apple store, if someone is smart enough he may but I doubt that anybody there really knows how to tell. If you used pwnage tool and restored to factory settings than no there are no way for them to find out.

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    so even if crash reports from illegal apps are reported to apple? I would think they can tell ....

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    I think if you're jailbreaking and installing hacked apps then you should just consider your warranty null and void anyway. If you want a warranty you play by the rules
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    Sorry to shed a little fact on the question, but the answer is YES. Apple can determine your phone has been modified via the crash logs, if a known non-AppStore application is noted within the log as either the culprit or a running process.

    For example, if Cydia crashes during an install it could show up in "general.log" in the AppleSupport folder as:

    Device Software Diagnostic Log
    Version: 2
    OS-Version: iPhone OS 2.0.2 (5C1)
    Model: iPhone1,2
    Serial Number: [Your Serial Number Here]
    Created: 8/21/2008 12:28:55 -0700

    2008-08-21 12:29:00 -0700,115,8ABB1E0F-A6D9-4601-8A14-87AA525C0AAA,1
    2008-08-21 18:17:06 -0400,109,B2F5FCDC-8BB6-4A41-A382-37FEFC321AA8,0,Cydia_,KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00000004
    [more data follows]

    So, sorry to dissapoint, but if Apple decided to actually investigate they could tie an unauthorized application to your serial number. Therefore, as the prior person noted, consider the warranty voided.

    Now, knowing the above it would be wise to wipe your phone before attempting to return it for repair. Not sure if a DFU restore clears the log folders or not though, there are ways to test that though - someone else here might know that as I never tested that.


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    Thanks atreides. I guess it depends on whether or not apple is dead set on keeping phones non-jailbroken by threatening that they can ultimately find out if a phone has been jailbroken. Kinda scary. At the apple website it says the phone is still under warranty so I assume all is ok. For now.... Haha.

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    Apple has a special way of thinking they are required to keep their noses in your azz long after you purchase your product from them, no matter what it is.

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