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Thread: [Wifi iTunes Sync Question] - What is the state of affairs with this?

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    Default [Wifi iTunes Sync Question] - What is the state of affairs with this?
    I'm basically trying to find out what the situation is with getting wireless iTunes syncing working. I know about iSync which later moved to wiSync, but that only allows syncing a folder, which AppStore apps can do now so I'm not sure where its development sits, but I'm more specifically looking for an iTunes library sync.

    My Situation: I have an old 2G integrated into my car that I would like to update its iTunes library every night (via wifi) in case I have new songs. Obviously the big initial sync would be via USB but after that a couple of songs a night should be fine via wifi. Waking up the phone via an alarm should be easy enough to start the sh script (running off a daemon) to start the sync, but the mechanism of the sync is the problem!

    I don't think you can use something like rsync because the files in iTunes_Control are not the whole thing, right? Plus were would the files be on the PC? I'm not familiar enough with iTunes to know if something like rsync can work so if anyone can help me out it would be REALLY appreciated.
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    Sounds like a good project and something I've pondered but haven't found a good solution to wifi in the car just for the iPod. What are you using?

    J River Media Center is a great (better than iTunes IMHO) program for syching with the iPod and may offer better options for what you are trying to achieve.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    I used to have a Omnifi DMP1, that had this ability built-in, so am trying to get it back with the iPhone. I am using the iPhone's wifi and its hooked up to a Pioneer AVIC-D3 head unit (that has iPod interfaces into it).

    I actually will be using my 3G as my fulltime device (which I sync via USB), and have thought of syncing the two devices (possibly an rsync between the two on iTunes_Control), but not sure that would work either since I image whatever DRM is on the files locks them to a device.

    I will check out J River Media, (does it work for iPhone though?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanRaide View Post
    I will check out J River Media, (does it work for iPhone though?)
    Not at present, it will though.

    I don't want to leave my iPhone in the car and the capacity is a bit too small, that's why I want a wifi hardware solution for the ipod.

    iTunes is certainly capable of wifi sync.

    It syncs wirelessly with my Apple TV!
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    If you are keen, you might want to look for an Omnifi's on ebay. They take laptop drives, (mine had an 80Gig in it) and go pretty cheap, and they can do the wifi.

    Alternately an iPod Touch would have the wifi aspect. I'm kind of agree about not wanting to leave the phone in the car; but I figure its a spare right now cause of the 3G, so I could sell it or make it do this, that is kinda why I'm trying to find out how 'feasible' it is.

    I think Apple TV uses Bonjour for that service, which the iPhone doesn't currently support.
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    i am still crossing my fingers that apple bring this officially sometime soon .....
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    Found an interesting link...

    [Howto] sync without iTunes - Hackint0sh

    it seems this could be used to copy mp3's to a specific directory and then it can apply 'magic' to make the files work in iPod, (changing the ipod database to reference these files).

    I'm assuming it doesn't work in firmware 2.x.x, does anyone have any more info on it?
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    I ended up getting wifi syncing working, but had to ditch both iTunes and Firmeware 2.x.x

    Basically you use WinAmp as the library and a couple of other pluggins and apps get it all going.

    Follow this site, (if interested) its the steps I used as well, and then made some scripts to refine it...

    Where I End And You Begin: ml_ipod + winamp + iphone sync = true

    It is working, but I hope Apple supports wifi iTunes in future firmwares then I will ditch this method.
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