Affter messing up with jailbreak and iPHUC, my iPhone dies.. I am really frustrated..

When I use "jailbreak 1.0" to jailbreak my iPhone, it gave me this error message:

Looking for iPhone... Sending Files... InvalidCheckin Problem starting AFC: -402653149 Sorry, apparently things just didn't work out. Look on the bright side, if jail was that good for Paris maybe you should give it a second chance.

And then, I use iActicator to jailbreak. But things just got even worse. iActivator first told me "jailbreak succeeded" but then it said "Connection failed".

Since then, my iPhone dies...

When I press the Sleep Button to start up the iPhone, it shows the silver Apple logo for ridiculously long. Then, iTunes pops up a error message:


iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "iPhone" because an unkown error occured (0xE8000023)

Finally, iPhone did boot up but it is not responding. It shows up the earth wallpaper and then change to a battery view. Interestingly, the clock shows a correct time. Since I connect my iPhone via the iPod universal dock, iPhone pops up a warning message which told me whether to enable the airplane mode.

And this is what my iPhone can do now. After all of that, it shut down.
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