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Thread: Introduction And Questions.

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    Default Introduction And Questions.
    Hi there!

    My name is Flu3nt, People call me Soap, But my real name is Reece.
    So just call me Soap. Im from England too.

    Im very new to this whole jailbreaking stuff, my friend had it done once on his iTouch, and i was very impress with what it could do. but i didnt think id get an iTouch...

    That was until my brother's contract on his iPhone ran out, and he went out and bought a brand new phone, and gave me his iPhone.

    I guess i was happy, until i realised, there was no contract, it couldnt be activated, i couldnt even use the ipod part on its own. Then i thought, "Hell, ill give this Jailbreaking Wot-Not a go." so i did, and i was talking to a worker in a phone shop, and how he jailbroke his phone.

    Now to the main part.
    He reccomended using Ziphone. which i did, i got it Activated, Unlocked and Jailbroke. I've heard that Ziphone is a bad thing to use, but with my smart hacking friend on holiday, i heard that Ziphone was simplest to use, so i did, and it works great.

    I have alot of questions to ask, and i gathered rather than making seperate threads i would just post all my questions here, so i would appreciate it if somebody could answer them for me. Here goes!

    1) Im not aware of what firmware i am using, as i said, im completely useless and clueless when it comes to this. But i used the latest version of Ziphone, and it done it pretty easily. Now i heard there are bad things with Ziphone, is it REALLY worth getting a different Jailbreaker? If so, what one?

    2) i can use the installer app pretty well, but i have heard about some apps that i may need (For example, i want to play TTR offline, and i was told i need the Finder app, but i cant find it in the Installer) I want to know if there are any certain apps that i will need (or may want). like the summerboard app, it seems thats a usefull app that everyone is using, are there any more apps like this i should be aware of?

    3) Can anyone reccomend good timesaver games or apps, i get bored easily with no internet at my other house, and i want some cool apps and games to take up my free time there, i have lots of free space on my "Desktop" of my iphone and i intend to fill it right up! but i dont know what with.

    4) Could anyone just give me a hand... a very noobish question, but an important one...
    I see people uploading theyre themes and apps to this site, where i am expected to download on my computer, so i have a few things on my PC, like themes and apps, but how do i get them onto my iphone, i gathered its not as simple as plugging your iphone in via USB and just copying them over... isit? i just wanna get some NES and GBA roms on the emulator on my iphone, and some other apps ive downloaded, but i dont know what to do!

    5) all i have done is jailbroken my phone, unlocked it, registered it, and downloaded some cool apps, is there anything, that needs to be done? just something i will find usefull or important that i may need for future use? i want to have as much usefull stuff on this thing as possible, ive got 8 gig to spare.

    6) is there an alternative to itunes? a way to get music from my PC to my iphone alot easier than going through all that itunes crap, its quite annoying, i just think it would be easier to drag and drop in your iphone, but its never that simple... i just got some videos and music i wanna get on it, i managed to get SOME music on it, that was by making playlists on the itunes library and copying them to the iphone, but that took ages, i want a simpler way, and when it comes to mives, i havent got a clue :S

    7) not much of a question... where can i get the Xbox live gamertag app thing? i couldnt find it on the Installer.

    Sorry for being a noob, but i just want to get a few questions answered, ill try not to ask too much questions and become a pest

    - Soap

    PS, sorry for my bad grammar, i type quick and i dont bother about going back and correcting myself, as long as its understandable, thats all that matters to me.

    I dont expect someone to answer all of the questions, just one if possible

    Heeelp Pl0x

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    Heeelp Pl0x

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    1.) On iTunes it should say your current firmware. ZiPhone is fine, now that you have jailbroken it you dont use ZiPhone anymore.
    2.) Instead of finder use filebrowser.
    3.) Get the cracked version of Labyrinth; get iCopter; get MX Tube
    4.) Yes, it is that easy to upload files. Try iBrickr(it's an app for windows). If iBrickr doesn't recognize your fone as jailbroken, download ZiPhone fix on Installer.
    5.) You might want to try Customize 2.0; it's one of the best modding apps
    6.) Sorry, no
    7.) Don't know what you're talking about on this one!

    Oh and you should try DropCopy(app for iPhone). It's like bluetooth. And next time you want help, try not to make the title of your thread sound like a five year old wrote it.

    Thank me if this helped!
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    theres a app in the app store called ilive for xbox gametags

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