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Thread: NOOB with a iphone 3g here! please help!

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    Default NOOB with a iphone 3g here! please help!
    well, i have the 8 gig 3g, and i'm new to the whole iphone scene... it seems everywhere i look people: unlock, jailbreak, or pwn. their phones... can someone please explain the benefits of each? and could someone please tell me how i'd go about installing a new theme to my iphone? thank you and thanks...

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    Well to begin you lesson here lol : pwn is the name of the software used to either jailbreak or unlock you iphone. As of rite now there is no software unlock for the iphone 3g(which is what you own)... So all you can do with pwn (windows os = WINPWN or mac os= PWNAGE TOOL) is jailbreak your iphone 3g... Jailbreaking you iphone basicly gives you the ability to fully customize your device allowing you to access the the actual OS software on the iphone, which is where either CYDIA or INSTALLER (both are pretty much similar to the App Store) only about 99.9 percent of the stuff is free and much cooooooler lol, in other words jailbreaking your iphone is a hack that alows you to do much more like downloading themes and installing them (something you would like to do ), Also to point out, before software 2.0 the only way to run 3rd party apps on your iphone was through jailbreak ! anyways .. need more help let me know or ask around... just make sure you search before asking... just in case it has been asked b4 !
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    sweet! thanks mannnnn...

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