I've been trolling this forum for a little while now and just registered today. I have a few things I want to make sure I am clear on and I thought you guys could help.

Ok first off I have Cingular right now and there are 3 of us on a Family Plan. My girlfriend and I are both thinking about buying iPhones. We currently have the 8125 and 8525's. With the Data Plan that I would add to the bill (from what I read I don't think I have too because I can turn Edge off, but I'd prefer to) does that cover all 3 lines or do you have to get a Data Plan for each line that will need it?

My next question is regarding the firmware. I assume if I go into a Cingular store and purchase an iPhone it will have 1.1.3 on it now right? The reason I ask is because I've watched the video in the Wiki section on unlocking. Watching the video it sounded very straight forward and I was able to follow it easily. Reading the threads I've seen just sound complicated but it may just be because I don't have a phone to try it on.

With me not being 100% certain but pretty confident that I can follow the guides on this site, is there anything that I could screw up on so badly that I couldn't restore my phone?

Sorry for the book and yes being a newbie to this forum I understand I'll probably get some flaming but my 3 main questions are: Does a Data Plan cover all lines on a Family Plan or just specified lines? If I buy an iPhone from a Cingular store will it come with 1.1.3 and is there a way to bypass the activation to avoid the 2 year agreement? And will I be able to restore my phone if I screw something up on the activation........

.....I'll worry about jail breaking it once I actually get it . Thanks for any help that you guys can be!!!!