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Thread: Phone not working?

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    Question Phone not working?
    My Pwn'ed 3G has been working flawlessly since I Pwn'ed it about 4 days ago. All of a sudden this morning the phone part of the iPhone does not work. I can receive calls and I can even use a 3rd party dialer Favorater to call out however if I try to manually dial a number no digits are displayed on the dialpad within 3-4 seconds it brings me back to the Springboard main pages. If I try to access the favorites or the contacts or recent calls - same thing it takes me to the Springboard. I can dial out by accessing the Addressbook and choosing a person and then choosing their phone number but the not the most basic way via the Phone screen...
    Also when I conclude a call and I move the phone so the screen comes up where I should be able to choose to End Call it is on the Springboard with the flashing green bar, if I touch the bar nothing happens it does not take me to the dialpad like it should.
    I'd hate to resort to restoring the phone and going back to the generic out of the box non-Pwn'ed version.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    bro I have the SAME EXACT problem

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    same problem with my 8gb.
    from what i see it's from a program called "kate" but i cannot remove it.

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    hey guys! I'm having a totally different problem! But I would really really apreciate if someone could help me!!!!
    all my songs on my iphone are not in alphabetical order!artist are nether in alphabetical order! It's really not possible to find a song through all my songs! Is there maybe any program or way to search through the songs on my iphone?
    i would really apreciate any help!!!

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    i had the same problem today, NEVER INSTALL KATE FROM INSTALLER AVOID AT ALL COST. now i have to restore everything

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    FWIW, I never did resolve my problem - however since this occured about the same time as the recent 2.0.2 firmware update I decided to restore the phone and install the newer firmware and I'll wait for the new QuickPWN for Mac to come out.

    As to your KATE theory you may be on to something. As I recall I did attempt to install Kate via Cydia but did not see it on my iPhone so I tried to install it from Installer and I again did not see it on the iPhone but I think that is when the dialer problems started so it may be related.

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