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Thread: A couple of newbie questions.

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    Default A couple of newbie questions.
    I am not new to hacking...have done PSP'S Ps'2 etc.

    But new to the Iphone theme.I just couldn't find specific answers to my questions.

    I am getting the 3G phone from Fido. Here are my questions.

    - If I jailbreak it, in case I need to turn it in for any repair, do I need to restore it somehow and is it possible or I could leave it as is ? Does it void warranty? (most probably ...)

    - I found some mention of SSH for it so I could install hacked software. I just can;t seem to find it anywhere. Is it an application within cydia once installed ?

    Are there any serious disadvantages to jailbreaking the phone ?

    - Are all the software that come from cydia and installer free ?

    - And last, the new 3g phone could indeed be jailbroken right ? Any particular version needed for that or it's fine as it comes from the company ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're not new to hacking, then surely you'll remember the 100s of threads on PSP forums asking the same old questions, rather than doing a bit of searching. Just pointing out the obvious.

    1. Warranty is pretty useless anyway, so not a big deal.
    2. SSH. Wait until you actually get the phone then look around.
    3. No disadvantages. Unless you're in the habit of changing your theme every day and downloading crap, which will ultimately lead to you screwing it up.
    4. Most of it.
    5. All iphones can be jailbroken
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    Thanks for the reply. I did search for a while as I said but it will not give you specific answers and with all do respect not everyone can afford 2-3 hours looking for something in 100's of threads. And I find that the google search on top is very unspecific.

    Anyway, thanks but maybe someone can point me to my SSH question anyway ?

    I am just looking ahead here. Is it in cydia or will I have to look elsewhere. I just haven't seen any references.

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    About the warranty thing, you'll still want to restore it before giving it back in though. Let them find another reason to turn you down. :P

    SSH is how you get into the iphone's filesystem, it's done over a wireless network, and you'll basically be using it to fiddle around with themes and/or apps that aren't available through installer/cydia. On your phone you'll install openssh (through cydia) , and depending on whether you're on a mac or windows, you'll install cyberduck or winscp, respectively.

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    Thanks, this clears up things.

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