Hi folks,

I thought I'd share my personal list of niggling little "features" that should have made it to iPhone 1.0 way back in 2007 (yes, these should have been in from the get-go).

I've submitted this to Apple iPhone Feedback in a positive manner and hope that it can make a small dent in their decisions to make the operating system just a *little* more pleasant to use (I'm way too optimistic lol).

I did a quick search and couldn't find any related threads (at least in this sub-forum) so please tell me if there is.

- SMS/Mail notification icons in taskbar
This was available to anyone who jailbroke their 1.x.x device, however the developer still hasn't released a 2.x version. Why this is still not implemented by Apple is beyond me. It's one of the most useful notifications as it keeps you from having to unlock your home screen (especially for those who have passlocks, i.e. me).

- Multiple photo and contact/calendar attachments in Mail
How Apple figured out that people only ever want to send photos in email and that people must like sending one at a time is beyond me. Also, touting as a "business" smartphone, why does Apple not integrate calendar appointment attachment (.ics format for the most part) and contact (vCard) attachment support. Its such a mindless oversight that it still makes me wonder just who is actually working for Apple!

- Bluetooth chip is absolutely useless!
I have not turned on Bluetooth once other than to see what BT headsets it could find in a Harvey Norman store only to turn if off because I was wasting precious time. I cannot see why Apple cannot support even vCard and photo exchange between devices. These simple transactions could not possibly break any copyright, legal or DRM issues!

- Invitations/appointments in Calendar (and also MobileMe itself)
Why is there a setting on the iPhone regarding Calendar invitations yet I cannot for life of me find out how to create an invitation to an event/appointment myself on both my iPhone and MobileMe in Safari (or Firefox). They both seem to only support basic event timing and some notes. Again, this is something that just boggles the mind!

- MobileMe Rich Text E-Mail [not iPhone related]
I love MobileMe's ability to be seamless between my iPhone and the PC, but why does the online (i.e. Windows) version of MobileMe Mail not have any support for rich text? Yes, its got attachments thank god, but come on! No rich text? Or is that for paid subscribers only? (I'm still on the trial). If I'm going to be paying $119AU a year for the blissfull simplicity of MobileMe, surely something as old as rich text should be there?!?

Final note:
As you can see, I've tried to omit any unreasonable requests. Video Capture sure is a big oversight, however its a rather large feature that Apple is probably figuring out how to go about as we speak (maybe not but hey). Features like Bluetooth music/video sharing is something that I do understand as Apple has to keep up agreements with iTunes DRM and sharing policies with the music and film industry and I honestly don't use them much anyway. But the tiny features that I've explained above are things that A) have been in phones for many, many years, B) are for the most part terribly simple to implement and C) could not possibly cause any legal problems and would only serve to make the operating system more pleasant to use!

It's August 2008 and I'm still waiting for these features!

P.S. I'm very happy with my iPhone 3G as a whole, but these things that are not in the firmware are extremely useful, however small, and make things a little difficult right when you need them.

Got any other simple, quite reasonable features that should have been in the iPhone a long time ago?