The AT&T Refer-A-Friend program lets one AT&T service plan customer refer another (up to 5 times annually), and both referrer and referee may receive $25 AT&T gift cards. The program has many terms and conditions.

These cards can be used to pay an AT&T bill or purchase items.

You may choose to offer referrals or accept referrals from other members if you like. You can exchange information by Private Messages. If you offer referrals by posting here, please Edit your post if your referrals use up, so others will know to no longer contact you.

Referrals involve the exchange of personal information. If that is a concern to you, consider your privacy when making arrangements with strangers.

The AT&T Refer-A-Friend program is here:

I have 5 referrals to hand out. Let's both make $25 today. Please PM me or email me at [email protected]