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Thread: Lagging apps in 2.0.1

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    Default Lagging apps in 2.0.1
    Ive updated to 2.0.1 and finding a lot of lag when i open apps.
    I find a lot of lag when i open TEXT, and SAFARI...but most of all SETTINGS.
    It launches, but lags before showing the settings and such.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    I have tons of third party apps installed, and have almost 4 pages filled...could this be why?

    I remember readig about freeing up space with this something i should do?

    thanks in advnace guys

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    I'd like to know as well. I posted a question similar to yours only I don't have any 3rd party apps downloaded. I still get the lag. I'm also running 2.0.1 with a 4gb iphone on T-mobile.

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    I am having the same problem. Most annoying with the SMS app. It appears to load the app, but the conversations/SMS messages dont appear for anywhere between 2-10 seconds.. where as it used to load completely about as fast as you could hit the icon... whats up with this? now texting isnt as fluid as it once was. Im somewhat disappointed in my phone right not.

    btw Im on a 8gb 1st gen, on tmobile using pwnagetool

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    My sms typing is rather delayed too. I type a letter and it kinda sticks for a sec. Everything works but that lag in the loading has me worried.

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    im contemplating downgrading back to 1.1.4... I hate to do it... but I really want my sms app to work how it is supposed to...or maybe 2.0... keyboard lag only happened every now and then... but in 2.01 the app startup lag happens every time

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    definatley same thing here, I'm happy I read this post because I was thinking it was only my phone in particular. HUGE delay with settings and overall poorer performence. I thought 2.0.1 was supposed to fix 2.0 bugs not get worse. Geeze.....

    I'm also experiencing more crashes and freezing somtimes, I don't think it's a memory issue, I set my smaller partition to 1000mb!
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    Someone will chime in soon. I hope.

    Bueller, Bueller, Bueller ??????????????????
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