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Thread: Long pause before apps apear?

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    Default Long pause before apps apear?
    You all have been a great help on this site and I come to you once again with a question. I unlocked a 4gb iphone with winpwn. No problems. Popped my t-mobile sim in and works fine. At least it did the first day after. I have added my wi-fi WEP key and it works fine. The issue I have now is that the first day I unlocked it the Apps would load immediately. Like when I touched the Weather app it popped up instantly. Now when I touch any app on the screen it will open it but theres like a 2 second pause before its loaded. Everything works its just loading a little slower. I downloaded 3 apps from the Apple App store but I erased them to see if that would help and it didnt. I havent downloaded anything else period. BTW I am running 2.0.1 firmware and I unlocked/jailbroke it using the newest version of winpwn. In summary, things are moving kinda slow as far as the apps loading up. I'm still on my T-mobile blackberry plan too. Could that be it? I can make and receive calls, texts. No net or youtube though when I'm away from home wi-fi

    Anyone have any ideas about the lagging when the apps are trying to load? Settings, SMS, Weather, etc all have a 2 sec lag when loading.
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    I was just about to make a post about this exact problem. I pwnaged for tmobile, me and my wifes iPhone(8gig 1st gen)... well it seems that on 2.0 it worked fine... of course we had the keyboard lag... but now since the update to 2.0.1 our apps seem to have a short to long delay.... I especially notice this when going into the SMS app. it used to pop up instantaneously,but now it can take anywhere from 2-10 seconds(the app itself loads, but it wont load any SMS conversations for up to 2-10 seconds)... really really annoying at times... repwned it a couple times and that didnt help.. thought maybe intelliscreen had something to do with it, but I repwned my wifes and didnt install any extras aside from OPEN SSH and bossprefs and it is still doing it. Im now guessing that its probably a bug in the new firmware, but Im not sure if everyone is experiencing this.
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    8gig 2.0.1 pwned w/ AT&T and I feel the same way

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