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Thread: Multiple iPhone problems

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    Default Multiple iPhone problems
    Hello all,

    this morning my iPhone (edge) started to act very weirdly.

    It ends calls, sometimes i cant even call at all, or send text messages. And it doesnt sound like the receiver can hear me.

    It wont turn off, it simply reboots

    It doesnt charge, or recognize that there is a cable in the phone.

    A message keeps coming up saying "this accessory is not compateble with the iPhone"

    It's jailbroken 6 days ago with iliberty and everything seemed to work fine.

    What could be the problem?

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    I doubt it, i had it with me for a party yesterday, but it was inside charging.

    I heard music on it last night before i went to bed, and i recall it getting awfully hot at the top ot the phone, it that makes any difference.

    But say it is water damage, is there any chance that it will dry and it will work again ?

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    Might want to turn it off and leave it for a couple of hours then try turning it on again. That just might be it.

    Otherwise, have you checked for anything inside the charging port of the iphone? Something might just be obstructing it.

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    Thats the thing, i cant turn it off, when i do it simply reboots

    Erhm well i took some small stuff out of the charging port, doesnt seem to be much else that a tiny bit of dust.

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    Then.. think of the most battery intensive thing you could make it do, and let it do it till it turns off.

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    Right the battery is now dead so i placed the usb cable into it.

    It starts up, get to the apple logo and then it turns off and it starts up again.

    What do i do

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    I have the same thing. Worked yesterday.
    Won't charge the battery all. No Wi-Fi either.....OH and wait.....there's MORE!!!!
    It also doesn't recognize my SIM card too.

    Please help. And yes I did try restoring, I used Pwnage, but that didn't help.

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    let the battery die and let it stay off for like 3-4 hours. then hold the home button and plug it in to your computer and continue to hold home button until u get a connect to itune message then restore via itunes

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    Thanx. But, I've done that three times now and nothing still.

    Any other ideas? I have a 16GB that came jailbroken and activated when I got it from Dubai. It's only two months old.

    I love this phone. Any other ideas? Think it could need a new battery?

    I have no idea, now I'm grasping.

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