I have a question in regards to how quickly the 3G iPhone heats up because of the 3G chip inside. How much does heat play a factor in the longevity of the device? I know with certain components inside of a regular computer, the more/higher the heat, the more likely of a reduction in life of the components.

How does this come into play with the iPhone 3G? The original iPhone had a problem with this also, and imo, the metal back did not help this. Now, people are experiencing the same issues with the iPhone 3G. Has Apple taken measures to make sure that the heat does not affect the functioning of the device. For instance, when a normal processor starts to overheat, software may crash. What about on the iPhone? Remember the poor guy who had the iPhone in his pocket, and his leg got burned, and the Apple representative kept making jokes about it (it could have caught on fire burning him, or his house down). What happens when these devices experience this type of heat? Will the components be damaged as a result? What about the introduction of a case? This just adds to the heat issue.

Anyone out there able to weigh in on this?