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Thread: iphone screen stops accepting touches after...

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    Default iphone screen stops accepting touches after...
    couple of days ago my iphone stopped receiving screen touch inputs

    i have found that if i lock the phone with the sleep button then press sleep again, then slide to unlock i can perform a couple of touches and then it won't accept touches anymore until i repeat the sleep button sequence again

    i attempted to upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and jailbreak and unlock again but that didn't change anything even though i was successful in jailbreaking but didn't even try the unlock

    i then downgraded back to 1.1.1 which now i am stuck because it's too hard to get through the method with the sleep button sequence i described above

    now i have a jailed, locked phone in 1.1.1

    any ideas if this is a hardware or software problem? suggestions?

    history of my phone:
    i bought it back in aug07 then it got soaked and the bottom 1/8 of the screen stopped receiving touches so I bought a new screen at and installed it, it worked fine for the last few months even though the phone got slightly wet on the outside and near speakers a couple of weeks ago and just recently when i was taking pictures in the snow, the snow got it the same day that it stopped receiving touches from the screen as described in the the second paragraph above

    any help will come back to you one day...thank you in advance!

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    not to be funny but looks like its time for a new phone hardware and software are two dif things software maybe good but hardware may not software runs hardware

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    Mmm it doesnt sound entirely faulty to me. Although i do think it is more likely to be a hardware fault. I'd suggest if it isnt too much work to take the iphone apart and check that non of the circuit board tracks are corroded or gunk stuck on.

    If there is give it a good clean with metho and leave to entirely dry before attempting to turn it on again.
    iPhone 8Gb Firmware Version 1.1.1

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    Default NEW Symptom, for iphone screen not receiving touches
    i did take it apart yesterday but didn't clean, just to make sure that the ribbons were plugged in correctly, etc, and blow dry it to make sure it wasn't wet or something

    when i put it back together i downgraded to 1.0.2 since it still had the same problem and even then it still did the same thing

    sometimes it starts to work fine for an hour or just 10 mins and then sometimes it's back to locking up after a couple of touches just after a slide to unlock

    i will try the cleaning when i get a chance

    also there is a new symptom, or actually i didn't see this symptom before but when the screen is locked like this i cannot sync the iphone in itunes it says that it can not read or write to disk, nor will any of the programs like ijailbreak will communicate with the phone, until i sleep and then wake to kind of refresh it and as long as i don't touch the screen it will sync and or communicate with ijailbreak

    very weird stuff, i have the old screen and i will try it soon when i get back home in a couple of weeks

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    Yeh that does sound very odd. It seems as though the whole phone freezes rather than just a certain function not working as it wont connect to itunes.

    Just a question, after you restore/downgrade have u tried using the iPhone with just the stock standard apps (Not installing anything else after jailbreaking). If the problem still persists then I guess with all that done it eliminates it being a software issue.

    Let me know how you go once you get a chance to play with it again...
    iPhone 8Gb Firmware Version 1.1.1

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