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Thread: Replacement Iphone

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    Default Replacement Iphone
    My speakers recently completely stopped working. None of the solutions i looked up helped me.
    So my question is "Will Apple replace it for me?".
    I unlocked it and Jailbroke it for T-Mobile.
    If I restored it to factory defaults could they tell i unlocked it?Would they really check it that hard? What are the circumstances in which I need to be in to get it replaced.
    Thank You

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated
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    I'm looking to get a replacement also because my vibrate doesn't work anymore. I'm unlocked on t-mobile, did you by any chance try getting one yet?

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    I swapped mine out recently at an Apple store and they took out my SIM and activated the new phone for me. I'm on ATT, but not sure what they would do if they found a T-mobile SIM.

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    I can use a friend's ATT iPhone sim, but obviously we don't have the same names. Do you know if they lookup the name on the ATT account?

    For more on my problem:
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    They look up whether or not it's registered by asking for your phone number I'm afraid... Do you have a friend with an iPhone account? Maybe have them switch SIMs with you and try and get it fixed as their phone?

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    What if I were to take my friend's in-service iPhone ATT sim card, restore my phone on my mac, then have it activated through iTunes with his sim card? Would that work? I'll just give them his phone number but I'm hoping they don't ask why my name doesn't match the one on the ATT account.
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