I, for one, very much appreciate all of the work you have put into cracking the iPhone. I love the phone and all the cool tweeks you have given us. I hope I am not the exception rather than the rule when I say that I have donated to all that have asked accept one and that is because I have not tried the chess program as yet. I have a couple of challenes since I up graded to 1.1.3. The google Maps locator no longer works unless I start a second app before I run the stock program. Also, I can not play any music that I downloaded through iTunes. I have read other posts on both of these issues and would like to know if anyone has any advice on fixing them. I am very happy that both Summerboard and Customize are 1.1.3 compatable even if customize isn't quite what it use to be. It still does what I want done.

Again, thanks to all who contribute. I look forward to hearing from you.