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    Hello... I am new here, I have now obtained my 3rd iphone, and it is a 3g. I use windows xp and vista... Planning on going to mac air on my laptop..

    But heres my questions;

    1... How do you search on this forum?
    .. If I could search I would not ask the next questions here..

    2. I want to make ringtones, where can I read how?
    3..Do you need to jailbrake/unlock my phone for ringtones/song or movies?

    Thanks for the help!!!

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    hit the thanks if this helped!!!!!

    and you search at the top right corner of the site...

    [ame=]YouTube - Loading custom ringtones onto iPhone FOR FREE!!![/ame]

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    Google iringer and use this. It takes a couple of steps out of that video Romeo posted. You could also use audacity to help amplify the sound so it is somewhat possable to hear it on the weak iphone speaker.

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    Thanks to both!!!

    I am a member on other forums and the Google search always has taken me to the google site, thats why I never even tried that.... The google in the search...

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    If you are going to mac, itoner is the easiest and best tool for ringtones and no, you don't have to jailbreak your phone.

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    What about for themes?

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    no you dont for ringtones but for themes you do

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