I have two Questions:

Q1/ Can someone explain disk space vs memory. (Is is the same as RAM vs hard dive memory).

Q2/ Two weeks ago it was suggested to me that Boss Tool will free up disc space. This is important as Iphones ten to brick if they run out of disc space.... so I was told.

I proceeded to install Boss Tool via installer. From there the first step was to move fonts, (at this stage there was 12mb of 300 of free disk space), second step was to move something else of minor importance (cant remember what it was) and the third step was to move applications, (at this stage there was 132mb of 300mb). It was at this point (after moving applications) that the phone did actually brick.

Now, that was two weeks ago and a friend of my has used his magic and unbricked my phone was a 'ziphone' program.

So my point is, should I be worried about running out of disk space and or do I need to install Boss Tool again and go through the whole process again. The phone is a 2g jail broken phone v1.1.4

nb: It could be possible that the phone bricked for an unrelated reason. Technically I still had 12mb of 300 before the whole process started.

Look forward to someones thoughts. Dont forget the first question.