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Thread: Want to buy an iPhone: Some final questions

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    Default Want to buy an iPhone: Some final questions
    hi there,
    I'm very close to buying an iPhone, but I have some final questions before doing so. Would be very neat if someone could answer them:

    1. I read that the iPhone cannot take all headphones. Is this true? Why the hell is it this way? And how do I know if my headphone can be used with the iPhone?

    2. What kind of ringtones can be used with the iPhone? Like I know apple you can't just take an mp3 and use it as a ringtone, that would be way too easy

    3. If I buy an unlocked phone via ebay can/should I still register it with apple? And could I go for apple care to get extended warranty? am I even able to send it back to apple if something goes wrong, considering that it is unlocked and everything.

    4. are there any "bad weeks" or something like on the ipod touch? for example the first ipod touches had bad screens, is there something like this on the iPhone that I would have to have an eye on if I want to buy a phone from ebay?

    I guess that's about it. thank you so much for answering one or several of those questions. if you have any advise or important tip to give me before I buy my iPhone then of course I'm glad if you tell me :-)


    edit: thought of a new question

    5. if I get a 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 OOB iphone it has to be hardware-unlocked with stealthSIM or turboSIM or something. if I have a hardware-unlocked iPhone could I run it without jailbreaking it? I mean, I will most likely jailbreak it anyway, but just in case ...
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    1: You can use ANY headphone w/ the iPhone, however you may need an adapter for them to fit. They sell for under $10

    2: quite the contrary, you can use any mp3 as a ringtone, just as long as the ringtone is under 30 seconds.

    3: No, you cannot have an unlocked iPhone that is supported by apple. My question to you is what service will you be using?

    4: At this point, there are really no more bad weeks...

    5: You are very mixed up. If you get a 1.1.2 OTB, you can use a turboSIM, but this is not hardware unlocking. Hardware unlocking refers to physically opening the phone up, and preforming what's known as a testpoint. As long as there is a software unlock available, then it could be nonjailbroken after being unlocked, but why??

    Pm me if you want to talk further
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