PROBLEM: My jailbroken iphone (1.1.4) is sync'd with my desktop imac. I have a laptop (ibook) that I am now using and want to switch my iphone over to my laptop's itunes library. I would be fine with erasing my iphone memory and using a flash drive to transfer the music over to my laptop and then simply restoring the music back to the iphone, but I'm pretty sure I would lose everything else (i.e. my apps and other custom data from installer & customize) if I sync'd my iphone to the laptop.

QUESTION: How can I switch over my iphone's music, photos and "other" custom data from my iphone to a new itunes library without losing any of it?

*I've thought about using swaptunes...but I don't think it would solve this problem.

Thank you so so much in advance to whomever solves my problem...