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Thread: Text problem.. help please.

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    Default Text problem.. help please.
    I upgraded to 1.1.3 and i've had two problems.. one is nothing will install on Installer.. it downloads and stops, which i can read on somewhere else.. but this is the one i can't figure out at all..

    I'll send someone a text.. they text back, then i reply.. when they reply back, my 2nd text sent to them appears AFTER their second reply. It does this over and over. For some reason my texts are jumping out of order. Anyone know WTF is wrong and/or how to fix it?

    I'll make an example:

    me: Hey
    them: hiii
    me: what's goin on?
    them: nm, you?

    After they send that last text, this is how it looks on my screen

    me: Hey
    them: hiii
    them: nm, you?
    me: what's goin on?

    It skips like that every little bit. I've restarted, tried it with several different people, deleted/cleared all texts.. it's starting to annoy me, a lot.

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    Same problem here. I'm thinking of restoring to 1.1.1 if i can't get this solved soon. Its just too annoying. Anybody have a solution to this?
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