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Thread: Is 2.0.1 stable?

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    Default Is 2.0.1 stable?
    I'm on the fence about pwning to 2.0.1 from a 1.1.4. I want to know:
    • Are app crashes still frequent?
    • Is there an increase from the handful of apps that is available in Cydia?
    • Is the interface still laggy? (It is purported by few that 2.0.1 still did not fix the keyboard lag)

    Tell me your experience you had from upgrading, whether it be smooth sailing or rocky and tedious.

    And most of all, based on your experience, do you recommend me to update?

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    2.0.1 is the same crap as 2.0.

    Apps are still often crashing and the UI ist still laggy.

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    I agree. Contacts still lag, keyboard in Safari is almost unusable it lags so much. SMS lag has improved but still not as smooth as 1.1.4. I may reactivate my 2G with 1.1.4 if they don't straighten this crap out. A Mac genius replaced my 1st 3G insisting it must be the phone not the firmware. Well the replacement does the same thing. Very frustrating.

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    iphone 3g 8GB
    version 2.0.1

    all i notice was keyboard isnt laggy no more i never had crashes so i dont know about that.

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    5 days after upgrading to 2.0.1, my keyboard lag has come back!! First I did an upgrade to 2.0.1, and the keyboard lag was present. Then I did a DFU - restore, and it went away for a while... but now it's back! I just can't believe this incredibly simple, but extremely annoying problem can't be fixed!!

    Many apps still randomly crash / exit.

    Overall performance navigating around the OS is still much less responsive than 1.1.4. I think that 1.1.4 was close to perfect. 2.0.0 / 2.0.1 is like going back to 1.0.0 / 1.0.1 (except with more features)

    Using a 16 GB 3G with 2.0.1 (stock, no pwnage or anything)
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    i'm on 2.0.1 too and noticed a shorter battery life than before.. after 8-9hrs my battery was still about 75% and now its about 65% and drains a bit quicker

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    2.0.1 is very stable for me. Very few app crashes (installed 2.0.1 the day the PWNAGE tool came out). Haven't noticed much in terms of battery difference. Do not have the keyboard lag issue.

    Now, that being said....I can make things 'slow down' and 'speed up', i.e. the iPhone user interface, or the time from when you tap to open an app (such as settings or texts or others) to the time the app is actually 'ready to use'.

    I think it is related to Winterboard and the complexity of themes. I just uninstalled Winterboard (three themes and the app) along with the custom AT&T logo, black sliders, and a battery (via Cydia install, not using the settings in WB). After doing this, I turned off/on the iPhone, and the UI seems faster, like 1/2 the time required before I removed WinterBoard and associated pieces/parts. Obviously I'm back to the default theme....just kind of playing around to see what may be adding to the 'load time' of apps in my setup. There are a couple of notes on some themes (like with video backgrounds or changing backgrounds) that say the theme will slow things down, but I'm wondering if WB in general slows things down. I'm a bit willing to live with it, for now, as I know Saurik is working on WB and more customization and such.
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    Ive had no issues with 201 yet, No lag no crashing, It seems to even have faster EDGE, im also using 4.6 not 3.9

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