I decided to give 2.0 a try so I stuck my phone in the cradle, kicked up itunes and hit "backup" while I was on 1.1.3, then upgraded to 2.0

Came back and did the pwnage tool because I figured I had to so I could SSH into my phone, which is my only requirement of being jailbroken. Restart my phone and hit "restore from backup"

Ok, no problem........ Phone reboots. I have my 1.1.3 custom stringboard strings, custom wallpaper, custom HACKT&T carrier logo, and every setting on the phone is the same as it was in 1.1.3

NO CUSTOMIZE, NOTHING has been done except upgrade to 2.0 and my phone is completely customized just like it was on 1.1.3, only on 2.0 software.

It's like everything I already had setup in 1.1.3 transferred over, including all the custom settings. I did nothing except "restore phone" in itunes.