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Thread: Ethernet adapter???

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    Default Ethernet adapter???
    I was wondering if there is any way that you could connect your iphone/touch to the internet without a wifi or edge connection... via a ethernt adapter or something?? i just want to get on to my schools internet without wifi(its password protectd) if not is ther any other way to connect to my schools wifi without the psswd?? any ideas wud b welcome!!

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    plz ppl i need some info on this... simpl as yes or no
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    Sorry, this isn't a yes or no answer. Although I would think the answer would be no. At my school we can go to the library to get the password, is it not possible to get the password at your school? What is the sense of having wifi that noone can use?

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    you could setup an ad hoc wireless network with a pc that has a wireless card and is hardwired to the network.

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    agreed its stupid that they block out students from the wifi... it didnt use to be that way b4 i got ther but wutevr cant change that now... so still does any1 no if thers an adapter out ther that lets u hav an ethernate connection with an iphone??? with like the usb cord or somthin???

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    So...You don't have a PC hardwired to the network? Because my above post is the easiest way. (Literally would take you 2 minutes, and even if you have to go purchase a wireless card, would probably be cheaper then buying an accessory for the iphone) And then you can still use your iphone's wifi connection. How do you get by in school with no pc lol?
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    my school runs on macs... so ya ur way wudnt work

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    Quote Originally Posted by justarry21 View Post
    my school runs on macs... so ya ur way wudnt work
    Actually it can be done on a Mac. There's even a post somewhere here that details it or has a link to a tutorial.

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    o i didnt no that... cud u try to find it and post it up here??? ill look around anyway but it wud b gr8 if u cud do that...

    i ran into a problem a lil while bak when i actually knew the psswd that i didnt post up here... when i used that passwd it showd that i was on it but when i tried to use it it kickd me off... any possibl reasons for this??? thx for all the help ppl... still wonderin bout an ethrnt adaptr... it wud very usefull....

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    is it possibl to hav a usb to ethrnt adaptr?

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