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Thread: iTunes question

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    Default iTunes hack
    IF 1.1.2 would still the newest firmware and you have 1.1.2 otb with damaged baseband, and you would do a normal restore in itunes:
    the baseband would be restored to the 04.02.13_G , or am i wrong?
    I've got another system/backup-disk wich still is in the 1.1.2 state with itunes 7.5 and if there could be any way to tell itunes that 1.1.2 is latest version,...
    Most likely its impossible to interfere with the version-check at the start of a restore.. And also most likely have many more (brighter) people also considered this, months ago, so this post will probably be filed in the NOOB section..

    However, if somebody doesn't mind to answer a noob Q once in a while, be my honoured guest..



    Johnny Crash
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    Default ITunes hack
    Or any way to edit the url wich itunes uses for versioncheck??
    This was done in osx for some other apps in the past, by modding te eSellerate engine to prevent s#nr-checks..
    I remember this was the only way to run a 'borrowed' copy of flip4mac sw..


    Cheers JC

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