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Thread: Bottom 1/4 of touch screen not working - what do I do now?

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    Default Bottom 1/4 of touch screen not working - what do I do now?
    So I'm up in Canada. I have an unlocked iPhone that I bought off of craigslist.

    It was originally 1.0.2. I upgraded the firmware to 1.1.1 and repaired the baseband to do that and then unlocked it again.

    So now, the bottom 1/4 of my touch screen isn't working anymore. I've tried resetting the phone, and then I decided to restore the phone to 1.1.1 firmware.

    Bad move. Because the bottom of the iphone is unresponsive, I cannot move the slider to go to the emergency call thing to unlock the darn thing.

    What do I do now? I love my iPhone and I don't want to spend another 600 bucks for a new one. I bought the phone in November, so will the warranty still be valid, and can I send it somewhere to get it fixed at an apple store - because I can't readily travel to the states?

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    Try restoring back down to 1.0.2

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    oh, I forgot to mention that I had dropped the phone from about a foot off the ground, and right after that the problem started occuring.

    i know it should be a hardware issue - the digitizer or something in the LCD iisn't working.

    what i'm wondering is if anyone in my position in canada has had this happen to them and what did they do?

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    Well, it is your own fault if you drop your phone. So, that dropped might have messed it up.
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    i dropped my pphone twice like from 3 feet and the phone still works fine...
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    Same thing happen to me I dropped my iPhone and the top half quit working . I called apple went phew the problem with the tech via phone ( leaving out the fact that I dropped it ) he issued me a number for the tech call and was decided that it was "defective" , I went to the local apple store gave them the number . They lookef it up on the apple network in the store and they swapped out the phone no questions asked !

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    Yup, when my phone got to me, the bottom 1/4 of the screen didn't work either. Take it to Apple, they'll give you a brand new one. One last thing, this problem is NOT software related.

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