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    Angry help
    I reinstalled firmware 1.1.1 on my iphone.The app snap jailbreak method doesnt work and the way i was able to jailbreak my phone was using ziphone.I clicked on the jailbreak and activate butten and all it did was activate it.The installer app in not showing on my iphone.I was able to install bsd sub system and ssh using iliberty.I used winscp to access my phone and it shows its in the applications folder.I am using firmware 1.1.1.Is there a way to fix my problem.

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    You could:
    1. Restore and try again
    2. Restore and try a different method
    3. Use a different version of the iPhone firmware
    4. Since you have SSH, if you could get a hold of Installer for 1.1.1 you could properly put it on your iPhone
    But also, why are you going to 1.1.1, may I ask?

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    I accidentally bricked my phone but managed to get every feature to work on my phone.I bought new at the apple store in jan.I was originally going to upgrade the firmware.I reseted my phone then white words on my phone that says it needs to be configured.I also downgraded my firmware to 04.01.13_g.Is there a way i can still upgrade without bricking it again.I want to upgrade to either 1.1.3,1.1.4 or 2.0 but i want to be sure i wont brick it again.My friend was able to upgrade his iphone to 2.0 with bootneuter.
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    You should be able too (unless you messed something up with the bootloader or some other mechanism), just get a custom firmware (you can find them all over, just google them) and don't try ZiPhone and other 1-step methods (if you go to 2.0, there are none available) as they have the greatest risk of messing up your phone (but it's up to you, if you do want one and going to 1.1.4, I'd suggest iLiberty).

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    I was able to update my iphone to ended up bricking it again but i was able to unbrick it by activating it with iliberty.I'm probably gonna stick with 1.1.2 which is the original firmware.

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