I haven't seen this posted here, but please excuse me if it has.

I have been getting faster internet speeds on Edge and Wifi (will also work for 3G) by this simple adjustment.

TIP: goto settings: safari: turn off Java Script.

Points to note:
1)When you connect back to Safari it might crash the first time but no problem after that.

2) Web apps will not work they are full of JavaScript but the great thing is you can switch JavaScript option on/off easily in settings.

3) Sites will load with fewer Ads (works kind of like AdBlock)

This has greatly increased my Edge speeds while browsing the web.
Sites that would take forever on Edge have now become pleasantly faster.

For example, I was at the Apple Store in Santa Monica and tested my Edge(JavaScript Off) against a 3G(JavaScript ON by default).
The site was NYtimes, my Edge was only 7 seconds slower than the 3G to fully load the site.

I personally leave JavaScript off unless I am using a WebApp or come across an action in Safari that does not register.

Try it for yourself on sites that have given you a pain to load and you will to be pleasantly surprised.