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Thread: How to backup up jailbroke phone apps/settings

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    Default How to backup up jailbroke phone apps/settings
    I have a first gen iPhone running jailbroke/activated/unlock firmware 2.0 made with pwnage 2.0.1

    How can I properly backup all the jailbroke apps and related settings on the phone?

    Additionally, is it safe to rely on the iTunes Backup/Restore for regular phone settings and App Store apps?

    I want to make sure I don't have to spend an hour downloading/re-configuring the phone should I need to do a full restore, or if a future pwnage update requires a restore and doesn't save settings.

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    what I explain below is not a backup but an semi automated reinstall of Cydia apps.

    - your iphone with current firmware
    - SSH access to l'iPhone
    - iPhone must have internet access (through Wifi for exemple), you must turn off auto-off and Cydia must NOT be running
    - unzip enclosed ZIP file and keep near the included file (

    First, let's dump your installed apps:
    - put in /var/root directory of your iphone (using Winscp or FIlezilla for exemple)
    - access to your iPhone using SSH
    - set as executable by executing "chmod +x /var/root/"
    - now, let's get the apps list by executing "/var/root/ dump"
    - now, a file called pkg.list should be created in /var/root
    - backup the pkg.list on your computer for semi automated reinstall (get it using Filezilla or Winscp)

    [Here, you change your firmware version and then your iPhone becomes reseted]

    Now, let's reinstall:
    - put in /var/root directory of your iphone (using Winscp or FIlezilla for exemple)
    - put pkg.list file you created previsouly in /var/root directory of your iphone (using Winscp or Filezilla for exemple)
    - access to iPhone uising SSH
    - set as executable by executing "chmod +x /var/root/"
    - now, launch the reinstall by executing "/var/root/ install"
    - just wait, some actions will be maidand at the end all previously installed apps should be reinstalled

    What the script does:
    - "dump" option save in pkg.list file the name of the currently installed packages
    - "install" option: update sources, upgrade installed apps then it parses two times the apps listed in pkg.list file, installing (if necessary) them - the second parse is because some apps may be in sources installed during first parse.

    Note: the "firmware" package display the error "E: Package firmware has no installation candidate"... do not care.

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    would this method keep all the settings, like saved games and stuff? if not how can i do that

    and also how can i keep the settings and saved games from app store apps (like super monkey ball games) after a restore, or when upgrading to 2.0.1

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    sorry but no, it only reinstall apps that were installed previously. It does not are about the current state of the apps.


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    This is still a work in progress...

    How to backup and restore your iPhone stuff before and after an iPhone upgrade or restore.
    by John Skinner

    First you must jailbreak your iPhone. Follow one of these guides:
    Windows = Guides | iPhone News, Help and Guides
    Mac = Hack that Phone - Read me first

    Now to backup everything:
    I've been using wijman's method (link below) ever since the 3G came out and have made my own guide.

    I use wijman's guide as a base, and I also use AptBackup, AppBackup, iPhoneNotes (on Mac) & MobileSyncBrowser (on Mac).

    To backup:
    1.) SSH into your iPhone from your computer and run this command (without the quotes...
    "A=`dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'`; echo $A"
    2.) Copy the exported list of all installed jailbreak apps and save in a text file on your computer.
    3.) Edit text file to remove everything at the begining up to and including "Name". Also remove the word firmware. Your file should begin with a package name and only contain package names.
    4.) Copy your /private/etc/apt directory to your computer.
    5.) I copy all jailbreak apps that are on the iPhone in /private/var/stash/ApplicationsXXXXXX (the Xs are random everytime you restore your iPhone) to your computer via SCP or SFTP.
    6.) Backup any video from Cycorder that is in /private/var/mobile/media/videos/ and your NES ROMs directory from /private/var/mobile/media/ to your computer
    7.) Run AptBackup and backup
    8.) Run AppBackup and backup all
    9.) Run iPhoneNotes (on Mac), get notes from iPhone and export somewhere safe on your computer.
    10.) Let iTunes do a backup of the iPhone
    11.) Restore iPhone, and quit iTunes
    12.) Kill the background "iTunes Helper" program
    13.) Run QuickPwn for your firmware version
    14.) Run Cydia, select developer and do all updates until there are no notices when you open Cydia
    15.) Install OpenSSH, AptBackup, AppBackup & BossPrefs
    16.) Make sure your WiFi is configured and use BossPrefs to get your WiFi IP address and confirm SSH is on.
    17.) Restore your apt directory and run the "apt-get install APPNAMES" where APPNAMES is the contents of your text file in steps 2 and 3.
    18.) SFTP all your jailbreak apps, NES ROMs & videos back back to their original places
    19.) Run BossPrefs and use the more/fix permissions tool
    20.) Reboot your iPhone and start iTunes and let it restore your regular iPhone stuff
    21.) After iTunes restore, run AptBackup and restore
    22.) Run AppBackup and restore

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    does this work for the 3gs on 3.0

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